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Mushroom Butts Drive Me Nuts Sticker

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I'm pretty excited about this one. I drew this at some point in early 2024 while working on the art for the Sporelust! Holy Shrump Playing Cards, and immediately it became one of my favorite ridiculous things that have entered the physical world from the darkest reaches of my brain world.

I'll try my best to describe it. It's a sweet little Morel shrumpin' real hard on the ground in a cute lil' pose with it's tongue out Miley Cyrus style, its eyes bulging up in ecstasy, some sweet stars for majesty, extra majesty coming off the butt and then the words "Mushroom Butts Drive Me Nuts!".  That's the jam. 

Measures 7" x 2.25" and is safe for all the uses. Put it on your Hummer. Put it on your lunchbox. Maybe a statement on your laptop so you can make friends at the coffee shops? I think you can put this one anywhere. Slap one on your mom's car. That's it, it's good and I think you'll like it. 


Hand Printed in Oregon on 100% Organic Cotton. Made in the USA. Featuring art by Sporelust! Co-Founder Chris Adams.

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Wash Cold-Tumble Dry Low-Do Not Use Bleach-Do Not Iron