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~ It’s Mushroom Time ~

What we’re about

Around here we are in love with all things fungal. Sporelust! is an art and apparel brand created by Chris Adams––Corvidopolis and The Mushroom Tarot––it represents a collection of thoughtfully and ethically sourced goods featuring Chris' artwork that combines pop-skate-punk culture of the 80s & 90s with mycology. We strive to make the most sustainable choices available for the materials and labor used to create our products. Our apparel is made in the US and we are constantly working towards offering only Organic fibers. 


Sporelust Founder, Chris Adams, screen printing in the Corvallis, Oregon studio.


Meet the artist: Chris Adams

All the current artwork at Sporelust! has been drawn by Chris over the past decade. He is a lover of nature and a mycoculture enthusiast who has accidentally become an environmental educator through creating work that pairs pop-cultural reference with scientific accuracy.   



Community and Collaborations

Sporelust! Is all about the growing community of folks in love with nature through the lens of mushrooms. Focused on making positive decisions for ecosystems and humans alike, we support groups working to maintain fungal biodiversity and create equitable access to natural medicine via decriminalization. 

We have collaborated with nonprofits such as the Fungal Diversity Survey (FunDiS) and Telluride Mushroom Festival’s Gary Lincoff scholarship. We are looking forward to growing with the Northwest mycological community through more nonprofit collaborations, education, forays and community events facilitated through our Corvallis Headquarters.



The Seattle Experiment!

Much like a mushroom popping up from their mycelial network and fruiting into the beautiful shrumps we know and love, our first brick and mortar popup was open at 701 E Pike St in Seattle from June 2nd 2022-April 15th 2023. You can still find our radical mycogoods online, at future pop-ups and through some of our most excellent stockists around the US, Canada and Europe. For more information about where to catch Sporelust! or Chris in human form, visit our Contact page.