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Decompose Yourself Sticker

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Has anyone ever told you to "compose yourself"? Did you kick them? Side-eye them? Just walk away? Well, now you can just slap this sticker in a visible spot and no longer will you be pestered by unrealistic emotional expectations! Also a great sticker if you love utilizing fungi to decompose future dirt, or you have an end-of-life desire to be decomposed by mushrooms into some good good soil.

This sticker features some hand lettering that says, "decompose yourself" and a hardwood log being broken down by a colony of Oyster Mushrooms.

Approximately 3.5" x 3" printed by Stickermule and ready to rock on whatever bottle, car, laptop, or other smoothish surface you might want it on.


Hand Printed in Oregon on 100% Organic Cotton. Made in the USA. Featuring art by Sporelust! Co-Founder Chris Adams.

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Care Instructions

Wash Cold-Tumble Dry Low-Do Not Use Bleach-Do Not Iron